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The corporate

Is a group of dynamic, fast growing, and technologically advanced companies focused on creating economic, social and environmental value. 


Economic Value 

  • Through market innovation and goods and services that improve the lives of its customers.


Social Value

  • With the creation of capacities in society to improve their living condition


Environmental Value

  • By mitigating negative impacts of its value chain.


The Corporate has an important presence in the Mexican economy where it remains one of the market leaders thanks to an exceptional portfolio of formats, products and services.

About Corporativo Grenjo

It is composed of three sectors, that have been defined as strategic:

Advertising Sector

Service Sector

Coaching industry


Advertising, Media, Corporate Brand Identity We have experience building and promoting brands and companies, helping to undertake, position and capitalize on branding, marketing and design projects. We focus on all the areas involved in the design of the commercial strategy, based on our brand building methodology.


Digital marketing We help you create and activate communication campaigns through digital platforms and influencers. By using our experience, we develop and execute creative and strategic ideas to expand your brand's message to increase your sales.


Effective Communication Services International services in Spanish and English are part of our product portfolio. Correction of styles, translations, reports and journalistic services.



Leadership strategies We help develop individuals' and work teams' leadership skills and leverage these resources across the organization.