About Us

We understand what makes people tick

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Corporate Grenjo

What we do

We are proud to be part of change in the world we live in.

Our clients are wonderfully diverse. We inspire, inform and work with them to create strategies no matter what their goals are: to improve brand awareness, attract more consumers, increase brand penetration, financial success or increase people's confidence in public services.


Our Mission

To be a strategic partner for our clients, providing them with advertising means that generate a high impact on their audiences. To create an effective communication allowing the dynamic exchange of information in all areas, connecting the world with our services.

Our Vision

To be the leader in advertising and communication media that, with efficiency, innovation and responsibility, achieves high levels of satisfaction, trust and profitability for its clients and partners.


Customer oriented Focus on results Reliability Teamwork Innovation and development Equality Social impact Honesty

Artificial Intelligence

We collect our data digitally and share our insights in real time, at scale and speed. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to make existing offerings faster and cheaper. We have self-service solutions that return results the same day, as well as deep diagnostic solutions that take longer.

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Corporate Grenjo

Social impact

We know more about this extraordinary world than anyone else. We help our clients better understand people and turn this information into action to inspire growth. But we also want to help everyone grow and become prosper by building an inclusive and diverse society, creating a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work, ensuring that we operate as a sustainable business, and encouraging our employees to take advantage of opportunities to support the local and global causes and initiatives.

Social commitment
Corporate Grenjo

Inclusion and Diversity

Our goal is to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can grow and be prosper, as well as to help our clients understand the diverse nature of their own clients. Diversity drives innovation and creativity, allowing us to better serve the needs of our customers. Inclusion creates a culture of belonging, where everyone is empowered to succeed.

We are Inclusive
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Corporate Grenjo

Quality in GRENJO

Each employee of Corporativo Grenjo has a quality assurance function, developing or providing services and support. We use innovative methods to support continuous improvement in the quality of processes and services. We cooperate closely with clients, partners and suppliers, and regularly monitor our clients' perception of our own quality.